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Thank you for joining me for virtual yoga and meditation.


These are audio sessions that you can do anywhere at any time.  When you click on a particular class, you will hear my voice leading you through a practice.  You may wish to layer a music playlist on top of my audio for the yoga classes and you can feel free to download one of my Spotify playlists to feel like you are really in class with me! Try to set aside some quiet time in a quiet place for yourself each day to breathe and to move your body. 


The light in me honors the light in you. 


Namaste and love

xxx Julie


Five Minute Pranayama and Meditation

A short meditation to settle you using the breath for focus.

Seven Minute Gratitude Meditation

A meditation that focuses on gratitude to help promote resilience in your life.


Open Flow Yoga Class

A 45-minute Open Flow to get you moving and engaging your body and breath while focusing your intention on what matters most to you right now.

Gentle Yoga Class

 A gentle/basic class where you will move slowly and mindfully while focusing on your breath.

60- Minute Open Level Flow

This 60-minute class starts slow and builds. Expect Sun Salutations, lots of standing poses, hip openers and twists. The emphasis is on moving through your emotions rather than holding onto them.

Check back often for more videos!

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